Up, Up, and Bloggin’ Away

As life often does, a kind reminder is taught seemingly without a lesson. As the few of you out there in cyberspace might have noticed, I haven’t been posting as regularly as I promised. However… I intend for that to change. Recently I have been told by more than one person, that they have found my blog entertaining and helpful. One person was actually from a group of directors I am collaborating with. They mentioned how they found my posting of “The Disenchanted” very useful when writing a research paper. In addition, I just received my first ever fan mail, in the form of a facebook message. So, after the ironic twist of events, I am not going to be shutting down my blog, but instead giving it an update. As some of you might have guessed, I have been very busy. So, in the upcoming week, expect not just 1 but many posts. But, be warned, some of the posts might require you do some outside reading or viewing. So, let me again reiterate the meaning of this post… As life often does, a kind reminder is taught seemingly without a lesson. 

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