The Disenchanted: Research paper

Budd Schulberg’s “The Disenchanted” is a fictional telling of true events, which occurred in the late 1930s. The novel intimately reveals the goings on of Hollywood insiders, and perhaps a little to accurately portray how movies come into being. The novel deals with complex topics such as: the differing views of generations, success and failure and what that means in professional and personal life, and redemption. However, a narrative as rich and complex as this, must be based on true events, because not even the most talented of American writers could make up a story as crazy as this one.


Unfortunately, it has come to my attention that the research paper that was posted on this blog was being plagiarized. Otherwise known as the unlawful use of intellectual property without the proper reference. When I originally wrote the paper, put a great deal of effort into finding and documenting all the sources. I would hate to deprive the experience of other college students. (310 history of american cinema research paper poachers) So I fail to see the point as to why I had to slave away writing this A paper, while it only takes you a few clicks to rob me of my hard work. In addition, I have communicated with faculty about the possibility of my paper being copied. Don’t procrastinate, do the research, put in the hours, maybe you’ll even learn something.

However, if you have any questions or need some advice/suggestions please email me at I am willing to be a resource…I am not willing to help you cheat.

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