Spare Room – Production

Spare Room is the upcoming short film from Blue Rain Pictures. A short thriller/drama following a young journalist who shows up at his grandfather’s house when he has nowhere else to go and discovers that his grandfather is hiding something. The film explores the destruction that secrets can cause between relationships, specifically within a family.

Blue Rain Pictures will be traveling up to Washington this summer to shoot Spare Room for several days. I am so grateful for the fellow crew I am working with on this project. Julia Swain is our Director of Photography; meaning only one thing, this movie is going to look amazing. Jan Hemstad and myself have created an exciting and very visual story on paper. Nathan Stone, the most talented editor I know, will be cutting this film, and John Toy will be recording and creating the story’s sound, which is key in a film of this nature. And of course, I wouldn’t rather have anyone but Jan leading the way. These filmmakers, along with several talented others, will be creating Spare Room for the screen.

But in order to make Spare Room a reality we need your HELP! Click here to GIVE!!

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