Thriller Excerpt

Here is a little sneak peek at what I have been working on. Cannot wait to film this!

A once steady hand, now trembling slightly, chops away at vegetables with a rugged yet sharp hunting knife. BENJAMIN, a large stooped man with gray curly hair scoops the small pile of carrots up and dumps them into a near boiling pot. He begins to stir with meticulous care and attention. Before long he pours a small bowl and walks out.

The same man walks slowly carrying the steaming bowl up the hallway. A small brass key hangs on a chain around his neck. He stops at the small ominous door, his shoulders once broad droop slightly. He stands for a moment before removing the key, and unlocking the door. The hinge SQUEAKS as he opens the door, and barely fitting; ย he steps through the tiny opening.

A small free standing cabin like structure, sits on the mountainside, in the middle of a small clearing. High tree branches block out most of the sky above. A make shift driveway encircles the property, made mostly of dirt and what was once gravel; leading to a main road off in the distance.

The WIND BLOWS, MOTORS from OFF ROAD VEHICLES thunder from miles away, and the sound of an approaching CAR can be heard.

After a moment, a car appears slowly making its way down the old forgotten driveway. The car having traveled a long distance ROLLS to a dead stop, it may never move again.

Out steps, ANDREW, an enthusiastic, high energy, college age kid, going slightly too long without a haircut. He appears completely out of place, wearing khaki cargo pants, a v-neck sweater cardigan, and converse. He exits his tan station wagon, and stands stretching for a moment looking around; before grabbing a army green jacket and backpack from the back seat. He walks to the front door, almost bouncing with excitement, like a kid trick-or-treating on Halloween eager to ring the first doorbell.

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