Study of the Classics

I have taken instructional film study classes before. In fact, I’ve taken a two part Film History class, American Identity in Film, Documentaries, and Introduction into Directing. All of these classes required me to view films in and/or outside of class. Now for the first time the Film professors have compiled a list of the 30 movies; consisting mainly of top picks from the AFIs top 100 list. The professors picked these specific films because they believe they can use them as a tool to teach us, their students.  Once a month the students meet, first to view the film entirely and then discuss it. The faculty plans on making this an ongoing practice, so that incoming freshmen will be able to view all 30 movies before they graduate.

I plan to write a post per viewing and tell you my reactions, what I learned about the particular film, or anything that struck me and inspiring me to share.

However, tonight was the first viewing for all the existing students. We watched one of my favorite action/adventure movies of all time, RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK!

Don’t get me wrong, I love this movie. But, I got to say the experience of viewing the movie with the other students wasn’t the best. I am used to people whipping out there phones in the theater, it’s on their own time, they paid for their ticket; even though there are many messages asking you not to. But, when you are in a viewing among other students who want to enjoy and focus on a movie, do you really have to take out your phone and check facebook or play that app? I found that incredibly annoying, and when the movie was over, I wasn’t surprised when those students had nothing to say. Sorry, I will get off my soapbox now.

Raiders of the Lost Ark is an exciting, adrenaline pumping movie, that was not made with a whole lot of money. Despite, the low budget and early on in Speilberg’s career it was nominated for 8 Oscars and won 4. Also, the role of Indiana Jones was at first not offered to Harrison Ford, because Producer Lucas was not sure he would be a good fit since he had recently been in the 70s movie blockbusters, Star Wars.  Other names thrown into discussion were Chevy Chase, Steve Martin, Bill Murray, Jack Nicholson and a few others.

One more thing, the story and plot of Raiders of the Lost Ark pushes the protagonist, Indiana Jones to the limit, so that God himself has to bail out this professor by day and adventure archaeologist by night.

Just a bit of a tidbit for you to ponder. Until next post, enjoy this…


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