New Short Film Idea

This is an excerpt of a new short script I have been working on, the working title for now…

The Proposal


A soft, quiet woman humming can be heard over the transition.


A breathtakingly beautiful woman CLARE lays on her right side facing the center of the bed. Her chocolate brown hair spills across the pillow. She stirs the covers drifting down from her bare shoulder. The cold temperature of the morning beckons her awake, unfamiliar with the mountainous surroundings she opens her eyes with a flutter. A city girl born and raised, she rarely came out to the family cabin, except for vacations or long weekends. The cabin still adorned family treasured quilts, and family photos from summer getaways here, when she was just a child.

Her arm reaches across the empty side of the bed, the covers are pulled back. She props herself up on her elbow, gazing in the direction of the bathroom. The door stands ajar, the light is on inside. She sits up in bed, resting her head against the wall, taking a deep sigh.

Her mouth moves calling out a name. No sound is heard.

She turns around sitting on the edge of the bed, revealing a bare back. She pulls a man’s dress shirt from off the nearby chair, and covers herself with it, buttoning just a few, rolling the sleeves down to cover her goosebumping arms. The cool mountain air makes her shiver slightly as she tip toes toward the bathroom.


Clare clad in nothing but a striped man’s dress shirt cautiously pushes open the bathroom door. She wears a cute smile, she anticipates someone to be inside. Her lips move saying “Surprise.” No sound is heard. But, to her dismay the bathroom is just as empty. Her mouth moves calling out HENRY, more panicked this time. She turns about looking frantically around the bathroom, before returning to the bedroom.


Clare stumbles back into the bedroom. She trips slightly, catching herself against the bed. She opens the closet and looks inside. Her lips call out his name, with a twinge of anger. She closes the closet with a SLAM. No sound is heard. She takes a deep breath and yells out his name, again. Her frustration boils over, she heads for the exterior bedroom door. She grabs a robe hanging on the back of the door throwing over her shoulders, and tying the sash quickly. She opens the door and walks through, slamming it with all her might. No sound is heard.


She stands for a moment, thinking, her foot lingering on the first stair. She calls him name again, Henry! No sound is heard.

Her eyes move back and forth quickly, panic beginning to set in; a thousand thoughts racing through her mind. She calls out Henry, over and over again, without stopping for a breath. No sound is heard. She speeds up the stairs, so fast her feet cannot quite keep up with her pace. She stumbles on the last few steps, catching herself on the facing wall.


Her worst fears sink in and scenes from her worst nightmares play in her head. She rushes about the common area, searching for him, looking for any sign of him, even the smallest shred of his existence. Frightened she calls out his name, pleading with him. She paces back and forth in front of the kitchen sink, before slumping down to the ground, holding back tears. She clasps her hands over her ears, holding in a sob.

She leans on her hand against the wooden floor. After a moment she perks up, looking down at her hand, bewildered. She wipes a tear from her face, while whispering Henry. No sound is heard. She looks toward a large bay window, overlooking a small deck, with an impressive view, of the snow covered mountain side. She stands slowly and creeps slowly toward the window. Her hand lingers before opened the sliding glass door.


The morning sun is still rising in the bright, cloudless sky. Clare takes a deep breath, inhaling the chilly, pine infused, high altitude air. She grips at the robe closing it around her neck with one hand, while shielding her eyes from the sun with the other. She looks down the sloped hill, and after a moment she spots something. Her eyes widen and she quickly turns breaking into a run.

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