Why the Brain Can’t Hear

“Millions of Americans have difficulty understanding spoken language. They’re not deaf, autistic, or slow.” They have a condition called APD, or the auditory equivalent of dyslexia. Its debilitating effects can be traced across all ages, genders, and races. “APD can cause children to fail in school and adults to suffer socially and in their careers, but until now, there has been little information available.” -When the Brain Can’t Hear by Teri James Bellis, Ph.D.

I am currently reading this book about APD, because earlier this summer I was diagnosed with the disorder. I am currently undergoing therapy, using innovative computer software. Since my diagnosis I have been very interested in finding out more, from what causes it to how I can overcome it. As I begin reading this book and learning more, I will continue to share my findings.

For more info about APD, I suggest reading about it here…

APD and Fast ForWord

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