Second Half

My postings recently have been few and far between. Due to frustrations and arising in my classes, and some personal things making my schedule and life that more complicated. But, I plan on catching up with the writing and posting over the course of my long 4 month summer break. Thank you again for being patient with me!

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1 Response to Second Half

  1. Joan LaRose says:

    Hey, Kiaya!

    How are you? Somehow you’re not my friend on Facebook anymore. I tried to find you, so I could email and ask how everything is going….

    I’ve been on vacation, so it’s possible some of my coworkers know. Anyway, I think about you, hope you’ve landed on your feet with a job prospect and are living with your parents, or living by yourself, whichever is your personal desire.

    All is well here. Please send a message back and let me know where you’ve gone.

    Joan LaRose

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