Over 90 and Loving It

 I was not sure what to expect in the documentary “Over 90 and Loving It,” but have to admit I was pleasantly surprised. The statement of, “We do not grow old, we grow in maturity” really rang throughout the entirety of the documentary. I am fortunate and grateful to have watched this documentary, and to have had the opportunity to gleam pearls of wisdom from these 90 and 100 something year young individuals.  I must admit after watching this I have stepped back and reassessed my opinion on the value of senior citizens in our community.

The individual who stuck out the most to me were the Olympian, Don Pellman. I guess what I found most inspiring was his undying passion and enjoyment of competition. He is inspiring and impressive to watch, I hope that I live to be 93 years young, however to be as active and competitive as Don is a truly marvelous feat.

One woman spoke directly to my assumption that everyone over the age of 65 is too old to work let alone drive, compete in sports, or ride motorcycles. But, it is the concept of the documentary itself to highlight individuals who continue to live their lives even after reaching of the age of 90 that is a true inspiration to young people.

Over 90 and Loving It

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1 Response to Over 90 and Loving It

  1. Deon Mangan says:

    I’m hoping there is life after 65. I have less than 11 years left until that milestone. I may have more aches and pains, but I am looking forward to life into at least my 70s.

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