Psychology Reflection #9

This semester I am enrolled in an Intermediate Production. My production group and I set out to make a Documentary on a family friend and a charity he helped start. Over Spring Break we received news from him that his father had committed suicide. A shocker to the production group who planned on visiting the next week to film and interview the family. The family has been torn apart by this tragedy. Unfortunately, this is not my first time dealing with suicide. Throughout my high school and college years, I have heard my fair share of sad stories about young people taking their own life. I have known several people who have attempted, but did not go through with it. I remember helping a friend through some difficult times in high school, and now looking back I wonder what would have happened if I and others had not stepped in. It saddens me when I think about them wanting to be anything but alive. My basketball coach once said, “No one in their right mind wants to be not alive.” This makes perfect sense to me, because if you are thinking clearly, you would never act on that thought.

Suicide Prevention

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