Psychology Reflection #7

Ironically, I have mixed feelings when it comes to motivation. At my previous school motivation divided the students into two groups. The first group was the “serious students” who were more driven and jumped head first into assignments and projects, and the second the “slackers” who were more hesitant and produced assignments of not as good quality, but often was more creative and original. Tensions reached an all time high when the class was divided for a quarter length project designed in a head to head competition style. Although, groups were assigned the professor the line in the sand was clearly drawn.

In the end “slackers” clearly came out on top, however it was not because they were more motivated in any way, it was because the “serious students” were so motivated that all the students wanted to lead and no clear hierarchy was established. In the second group, one leader emerged and pushed and pulled the others along. I know this for fact, because I was put in that role. Until that point I was seen as one of the “slackers” but afterward, the other “serious students” regarded me as a new member because of the outstanding leadership I had exhibited. But, what they did not know was my main motivator was competition. I simply wanted to win, having played sports my whole life, I can definitely say competition and the desire to trounce someone else has been instilled in me to the core. Dare I say I even get emotional when it comes to competition, perhaps it is the convergence of emotion and competition that is my main source of motivation.

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