4 story ideas

For a write sometimes the best way to work through problems that arise in your story is to take a step back. Today I finished an assignment for my Writing for TV Broadcast and Cinema class. I wrote brief summaries on each story, as well as defined the audience, length, and how it would be distributed. Here are the summaries I wrote…


Story Idea #1 – “Catalyst”

A diabetic teenage girl, Zooey is in the middle of her angst stage is angry at the world. After a huge fight with her mother about taking better care of herself and being responsible, she suffers from a Low blood sugar. Coming on quickly she stumbles through the house and collapses, falling down the stairs. She hits her head and everything fades to black. As the fight ended and Zooey’s was walking out the front door to go to work, Zooey yelled at her mother, I wish I didn’t even exist! Now after tumbling down the stairs she will get a glimpse of what the world would be like without her. At first Zooey sees the world as better without her in it; her mother is a corporate executive instead of a career counselor at the local college and is no longer with Zooey’s father. Her father a brilliant man, pursued his passion of painting, and is very successful at selling his artwork, but when he leaves the galleries and auctions he returns to an empty home and a cat. Her best friend, Kevin who normally is quiet but full of life is the one thing that begs Zooey to take a closer look. She sees that he is very lonely and for the first time she can see a void where she is supposed to be. She befriends Kevin and he helps her see past the surface and that her mother is not happy in her corporate job, her father feels empty without a family, and she brings a certain light to all their lives. As she spends more time with Kevin she begins to see a different side of him, a side she never saw before; a vulnerable open Kevin, not one who puts up walls and jokes as a front. But as she begins to fall in love with Kevin, he wants her to stay, but she knows she must go back so she can make things right. When she goes back, will she be able to reconnect with Kevin, and continue to love herself?

Audience – Mainly Teenage-Early Twenties Females also Women of all ages
Length – 1 hour 40 minutes
Media Outlet – Major Film Release, DVD Release

Story Idea #2 – “Intensity”

A girl’s high school basketball team who is expected to make reappearance to the state championships, out for revenge after a devastating and surprising loss the previous year. Following Mollie Sullivan, a senior who has always dreamed of playing college sports, followed by international leagues around the globe and maybe even the WNBA. She is talented and many coaches have told her she has the right stuff to take her all the way to the top.  She is team captain and feels a profound responsibility for the team, but especially a small sophomore guard, Chrissy Brown.  However, during pre season, Brown who was moved up to the varsity team is attacked in an alley while walking home. Sullivan begins to withdraw from the team, feeling responsible to what happened to the girl she took under her wing. The team loses a game due to Mollie’s lack of leadership and their road to the state championships is in jeopardy. As Mollie flounders with an unknown secret and pain, the coach, Alecia Moore picks up on it and tries to help, but Mollie resists. Tensions come to an all time high before the State Championship game, the team leaves the locker room and Moore talks to Mollie about her recent attitude; late for practice, not putting in her normal effort, and bad sportsmanship. Mollie finally tells her secret that she was attacked before Chrissy, but did not come forward. After a long emotional moment, the strength returns to Mollie and with the Coach’s guidance they could possibly lead their team to victory, but only if they bring intensity to the game.

Audience – Inspirational Movie goers, Teenage-Early Twenties Females, women’s basketball fans
Length – 1 hour 30 minutes

Media Outlet – Indie film circuit, Film Festival, DVD Release

Story Idea#3 – “Ghost Writer”

Charlie is hired to finish writing a book because once again the author was gripped by writer’s block and could not finish it, or so he thinks. He has finished over 28 books in his short career of only 4 years as a Ghost Writer. However, recently he has begun to feel guilty. After he completes the book, the publishing company pulls the contract with the author, leaving them out in the cold. So when he takes on this newest project he wonders what will become of the author. The author sits angrily at his desk as Charlie enters and sits down on the couch in the corner and begins to work. The author resents the new writer, yelling profanities at him. The author walks up to him and sits on the arm of the couch reading what the Ghost Writer has written. The author yells and is madden by the changes Charlie is making to his story, short of ripping out his hair he stomps around the office and finally leaves slamming the door behind him. The door produces a gust of air that sends Charlie’s stack of notes flying around the room. He looks up with his concentration lost and Google’s the author’s name. Charlie gasps, as the author walks back in, after cooling off. The author apologizes and sits next to Charlie. He continues his apology, by telling him about his death. Charlie cannot hear the dead author’s words, but understands that he must finish his work, they way he wanted it to.

Audience – Short Film Fans, Artistic Drama movie goers, Adults
Length – 20 minutes
Media Outlet – Indie Short Film Circuit, Film Festivals, DVD collection Release

Story Idea#4 – “An Island of Her Own”

Six year old Allie lays on her side curled up in a ball, facing away from the window to the rest of the hospital. She is here because she just survived a severe and traumatic event in her young life. The nurses have all tried to comfort her by offering kind words, but nothing has been able to shake her frozen state of fear. Christine a seasoned agent Child Protective Services was promoted to head of the department several years back after a high profile case. Now her duties include managing case files, attending court, and liaison to other departments. But, this weekend she received a call and decided not to disturb her team over the Christmas holiday and oversee this herself. A single woman with no family, except an elderly aunt, she celebrates holidays by going to church and then curling up with a good book or watching classic movies. One would assume that Christine would be a bitter old hag, who has seen far too much in her job, leaving her cold to the children she is sworn to protect, but she is the polar opposite. She is even more caring and gentle with each child she has helped. She has the keen sense of what each child needs, whether it be structure, time and place to heal, or just a someone to tell them they are safe. However, Alley is going to challenge her, as Christine meets Alley for the first time in the hospital she expects a little girl to be untrusting to any adult as well as be very emotional. However, Alley is so withdrawn Christine is unsure how to help; usually in cases like these the child makes a strong connection to someone, whether it be the person who found them, a responding officer, nursing staff, or CPS agent. But, Alley has been emotionless, almost absent from herself. Christine and a local Detective Jack work together to try and identify who this child is, but her fingerprints do not match any missing child report, or birth certificate. Who would not report a child missing? Christine grows fond of Alley and her maternal instincts surge more than they ever have before. Will they find out who Alley is? Who hurt her? Will Christine become the mother she has always longed to be? Will Alley’s withdrawn and isolating behavior thaw with the love Christine has to offer? Or will Alley retreat to her desolate island she has created in herself?

Audience – Adults, Drama Genre fans, Mothers
Length – 2 hours
Media Outlet – Major Movie Release, DVD Release

Feedback greatly appreciated.

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1 Response to 4 story ideas

  1. Deon Mangan says:

    These are all great story ideas! They are all movies I would love to see. You have creative insights – capturing the mind and the heart. You go girl!

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