Psychology Reflection #2

Did you know that damage to the Frontal Lobe can affect your behavior or even change your personality? Recently, I saw a documentary in one of my classes about a father, who has such an injury. His wife and children described him as being more childlike and without control over some behaviors. He snacks and snacks without knowing his limit, forcing the family to place a lock on the refrigerator. In addition, he does not understand personal boundaries and sometimes acts inappropriately in public. Personally, I have a friend whose brother has a similar injury which reverted his behavior from that of a college student back to a preteen boy.

I am also particularly interested in the differences between a person who is considered Left Brain and Right Brain. However, more specifically how a person is affected after stroke. I read about a stroke victim which wrote a book about her experiences and how the effects changed her as a person. I personally have observed a similar occurrence in my maternal grandfather. When I was younger he fell victim to a stroke, but due to a misdiagnosis at the hospital he was not treated appropriately for hours, causing lasting side effects. Among the side effects were numbness on one side of his body as well as behavioral changes. Before the stroke my grandfather was as tough as nails; he was a decorated Marine and a retired Sheriff Deputy. However, after the stroke he became more docile and less intimidating, to me there was a clear change and now I understand why.

Thomas DurantThomas Durant


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1 Response to Psychology Reflection #2

  1. Deon says:

    These are interesting observations. I never thought about the emotional changes after the stroke. I was more focused on the physical changes and helping him recover. Your more observations and reflections are probably more objective.

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