Meaning Moment


For many the months of August and September are the beginning of fal or when school begins again, but for me it’s a bit different. In August of 2002 I was admitted to the ER after a blood test came back, diagnosing me with Type 1 Diabetes. I was soon moved to the Pediatric Unit where I resided for the next week. I was suffering from tachycardia, (Tachycardia is a condition where your heart beats uncontrollably, and sometimes at levels that are dangerously high) dehydration, a serious case of keto acidosis. After several days of rest, drinking liters of ice water, countless blood draws, my condition began to stabilize. However, my life would be forever changed.

A hospital can be an uncomfortable place for a 12 year old; no privacy, unfamiliar surroundings, and no friends. Fortunately for me the Yankees began the ALDS series against Anaheim during my stay and I had a night nurse by the name of Kevin, who had once lived in the NY area. Being a Yankee fan by blood, it became our nightly routine to watch the Yankee games during dinner. Cheering on the pinstriped Yanks battle against those dastardly Angels, me from my bed, and Kevin from the doorway while monitoring my vitals and administering medication. Even though, the Yankees only won the first game and lost the next three, it was those games distracted me from the most difficult week in my life.  

Finally, in 2006 I attended my first MLB game at Yankee Stadium, accompanied by my Dad and Aunt, we watched as the Yankees beat out the Orioles. Not only was it something I have always wanted to do, but It also held special significance to me as it marked four years of me beating out my own adversary, a disease I will continue to battle for the rest of my life.

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