2011 Spring Semester

This upcoming Spring semester I am again taking more than the average course load. Instead of the normal 12 units, I am enrolled in 5 classes adding up to 16 units and an additional 4 units from a Health class which I need to retake , which amounts to 20 total units.

Yikes! Certainly going to pile up into a lot of homework. But what exactly am I taking??

First is Non-Fiction film, a course on documentary film making. Second, Advanced Production the next level of video production, following last semester’s intro class, with the same professor teaching both of these Cinema classes.

Next is Creative Writing; which I hope will challenge me as a writer, as well as strengthen my writing skills.

A hybrid History class with the same professor I had last semester, a class I enjoyed, because the assignments consist of Powerpoint presentations, essays, and watching documentaries, my kind of class.

The last of my enrolled classes is Psychology, a subject which has always fascinated me, but have yet to take.  I hope this class will help me understand the human psyche better, gain insight on motivations, and learn more about the internal workings of the mind.

Lastly, Health and the associated lab which i failed because of hospital visits last year.

More updates to come including previews on Cinema projects and papers. Feedback welcome!!

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