My 2011 List

So during the past several weeks I have concentrated my focus on working as much as possible before school starting. During this time I came up with several ideas on what I want to work on this year. Here are some notes on what I have been brainstorming…

1 – Short Films
Easily shot, films with a cute story. Here are two ideas I have been working on.


A girl sits on the pier, legs dangling over the side. An older man walks up and sets down a folding chair and some fishing equipment. Behind him stands a sign that reads: “NO FISHING.” The man waves at the girl, but she points at the sign drawing the man’s attention. He looks at it, and then disregards its message. She crosses her arms and walks away. The old man surprised at her reaction sits back and continues to fish watching her walk away.

The man sits, and looks at his watch then retrieves his fishing line. He pulls it up and discovers the line has been cut, no hook, no bait, and certainly no fish. He puts a new hook on, and rebates his line, and recasts.

Montage of old man pulling up the line and seeing it has been cut every time, becoming more and more frustrated. Finally, he looks over the edge of the pier and sees the little girl sitting next to a small sand castle with all of his cut lines piled up next to her. She waves enthusiastically.


A girl lays in the snow face up. Snowflakes land on her eyelashes, and she blinks as she breathes in slowly. The icy air being held in her chest as she rolls over and pulls herself up. She stands and walks over to a medium sized snowball and attempts to roll it, but it does not budge. After several long moments of pushing and pulling, she slumps back on the ground, her hat falling down onto her face.

An old man, who appears to be shoveling snow walks up and offers his help. Together they successfully build a snowman, the old man takes off his scarf and gives it to the undresses snowman, and then leans his shovel up against the branch being used as an arm. The little girl looks toward her house and waves goodbye to the old man. As she walks up the steps the old man waves goodbye as well.

Then with a gust of wind, he disappears.

2- More Feature Films

I have brain stormed a few more ideas, here are a few details so far.

FBI Story

A suspense thriller with a prominent romantic storyline. An FBI agent is continuing to work on the case of his wife’s murder, even though he has been ordered to drop it. Possibly involving supernatural undertones, maybe she is communicating with him or he has been given a deal, that if he solves the case he can bring her back. However, there is a catch, he must sacrifice himself to save her. His motivations might include feeling as though he cannot adequately support his daughter, what she needs is her mother.

A Dramatic when Boy meets Girl

A “when boy meets girl” drama, about a girl has come home to her family for Christmas but where she is coming from is unclear she goes out with her parents and maybe siblings and they run into some people from her past her family is successful in ushering her away this time but next time she won’t be so lucky.

3- Reflection on TV Episodes

I want to watch several more seasons and possibly rewatch some seasons and write a reflection on that paticular episode and share it with all of you. Here are some of the TV Series I am considering. CSI, Criminal Minds, Bones, The Mentalist, Leverage, Joan of Arcadia, Southland, Frontline, Alias, Lost, Heroes, Glee, and many others.

What are some of your favorites??

So continue to check back with me and read about my progress.

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2 Responses to My 2011 List

  1. Mike says:

    I really enjoy both NCIS and NCIS Los Angeles as the episode plots are creative and interesting but also the chemistry and interaction between the characters really enhances the enjoyment for the viewer.

  2. Deon says:

    Good ideas. I hope 2011 is successful and fruitful for you.

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