Getting Down to Business

Welcome to Fall!

School has started again, and I am fortunate to get into all the classes I wanted. Totalling 19 units. I know 6 classes, 3 +3 +3 + 3 + 3 +4 = 19 Might sound a little crazy, but I am on track to get my AA degree in Cinema at the end of next Summer Semester. I have loaded my schedule with; History of Film up to 1945, Intro to Biological Anthropology, History of the Americas up to 1800, Beginners Film Production, English Composition, and Identity in American Film. As you can see I will be writing many, many, papers and essays this semester and will continue to update you with my various projects. Cross your fingers and hope I don’t get too overwhelmed!

After having the first class for each, I can definitely say I am excited to take Identity in Film, Film Production, and English Composition the most. They seem like the most interactive and have very dynamic and creative professors. What is going to be the highlight of my semester is being on a team in Film Production to make a silent film with the theme of delivering/receiving a message and then a 8-10 minute short narrative of our choosing. I cannot wait to get started.

As of right now, I am in the library. Enjoying the Wifi, reading about D.W. Griffith and his infamous film, The Birth of a Nation. An amazing innovator in the film business, but was not able to recover after his Intolerance fiasco. More about Griffith to come later, I promise.

I am learning so much and finding that I am enjoying reading more than ever before. Stay tuned to read about my adventures, and I suggest to get outside and enjoy the sunshine while the days are still warm.

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