Big Brother 12

As i posted previously about new TV shows; it appears someone at CBS read my blog. I suggested that in order to mix things up in Big Brother, they adopt some elements from an ABC show that i loved, The Mole. And that’s EXACTLY what creator of the show, John de Mol (not so subtle) has done for the twelfth season of CBS summer reality show. So this season on Big Brother there is a “Saboteur.” A house guest undercover whose mission is to wreak havoc on the rest of the players. For the first week, the identity will be unknown, which is similar to how the Mole operated, however tonight their identity will revealed to the audience. Allowing the audience to send in suggestions to CBS who will pass them on to the Saboteur to deal upon the unsuspecting house guests.

The Saboteur does not want to win the overall game, but is trying to win $50,000 from the creators of the show, but only if they can stay in the game through week 5. The Saboteur went to work right away, locking the snack and storage room in a blackout forcing everyone to be on slop, until the have and have not competition. Also in last nights episode the Saboteur dropped information that two of the house guests are not strangers, but actually lifelong friends.

Should be interesting tonight.

Who is the Saboteur? Who will be evicted, Rachel the Vegas Showgirl or Annie the gal trying to fly under the radar? Find out tonight at 8pm.

Then tune in Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays to watch Big Brother 12.

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