Passion for Writing

It was once said, actually…

It was once written that; It is impossible to transform a bad writer into a good writer, but with a little hard work and passion, a good writer just might become a great writer. With a draw to literature and writing I have always feared I would fall into the category of “bad writer.” But, I say the bad writers are the ones who allow their insecurities keep them from writing. So, in that case have I fallen into the category of a bad writer?

I think so, for awhile now I thought I thought I had fallen into “writer’s block” often to be confused with procrastination, or lack of ambition. But, I think it has been more the fear of failure. Just like any profession, when entering your chosen career path you dream of success.  But how is success measured in the creative jobs? A six figure pay check? Awards? Product with good reception of audience?

How do you measure the success of a writer? a novelist? a screenwriter? an author? a blogger?

But this stagnant state is about to end.

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