DVP and Renting Movies

Recently, it has come to my attention that as a film student I need to watch more movies. When compared to the average American I believe I would already rank higher than average on the amount of movies I have seen, see in theaters, and watch on television or rent. However, I have realized that I need to watch more. As I posted recently the Top 100 movies list I have seen less than half. Not acceptable. If I expect myself to write, create, and produce great films I need to have seen the greats, the not so greats, and what is currently being released. So to aid me in this endeavor, I have been going to my local Red Box, which is located up the block at 7-11.

Red Box’s differentiated value proposition (DVP, as a film student, i took business classes at my last school, they were interesting and definitely helped me expand my vocabulary, so now I am showing off.) also stated as what sets it apart from other products or services. Red Box is a vending machine that rents New Released DVDs for just $1.99 a night. However, as it only accepts major credit cards or debit cards, if you do not return it the following evening, you are charged another night. So, let’s say you forget you rented it, after a few nights, you might as well have bought the DVD. But, if you are good about returning DVDs the next day, this business might be good for you. But, for me it is not working out as much as it used to. When I was attending the film school, there was a Red Box outside the local Albertsons across the street. As there were always hungry college students going to the store, if you didn’t want to return it, you could ask someone else to do it. But now, I think I need a new service to meet my needs.

Of course, I have heard of Netflix but I personally have never tried it. A former roommate and friend of mine has used it for years and loves it. But, until i saw a 14 day free trial advertised I had not seriously considered using it. Something, you might not know is that founder, Reed Hastings started Netflix because he accumulated a $40 late fee on a video rental. He saw a problem and addressed it. He found that he was not alone and that Americans everywhere were tired of late fees, and stores saying sorry we are out of that copy! Netflix’s DVP are movies delivered to you, or streaming online, no late fees, and not just new releases but just about any title you can think of, all genres ranging from classics to documentaries, from horror to musicals. They are all at your fingertips, all you have to do is shell out a few dollars.

So now all you have to do, is log on to the website, find the movie you want, add it to your queue. Now in 2 business days you should receive your movies. Also, there are no late fees, keep the DVD as long as you want, and when you’re done slip it back in the packaging and slip it in the mail. Then the next movie available in your queue will be mailed to you.

 In the last couple of years, Netflix has also added the watch it now option. A selection of their movies can also stream right to your laptop and you can watch it instantly. It also allows you to rate the movies you have seen, decide if you are uninterested in a certain movie, and build lists to share with other users. You can also add friends and share your opinions on movies and make recommendations.

The best part… its only $13.99/month plus tax for an unlimited account. Thats 7 Red box movies. The key is using the service to your advantage. Get your money’s worth, so you need to rent 7 movies in 1 month for you to get a compared and competitive price to Red Box. Now just remember you need to wait a few days for your movie to arrive.  I don’t remember the las time I was so excited to receive mail.

What am I waiting to receive? The Hurt Locker, this years Best Picture winner and 500 Days of Summer, but Netflix already sent it out, my movies are on their way. Now my #1 movie in my queue is Up in the Air, which I missed in theaters, but my parents said it was good. Also in my queue is the entire first season of Pokemon. I watched episodes 1-28 online, but that was months ago. So I am going to start over.

As Always Thanks for Reading!

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