The Time Traveling Baby

What i am currently working on…


Act One

The Setup

1. Opening – The hook.
(Pg 1) A rainy night, a baby is born. A father runs into his workshop, places his child in closet like chamber, and closes the door. He hits a series of switches and dials, a surge of electricity courses through chamber, which is now revealed to be a machine. Loud bangs, yells, and snarling come from the outside door. A control pad on the machine reveals approaching maximum, then dangerous levels. There is then a loud explosion like sound, as whatever is outside the door breaks in and the machine does something strange. A flash of bright light as the scene cuts to a lawn sprinkler breaks ground and begins to spray.

2. Upsetting the Apple Cart – (Pg 10-15) A couple argues in the kitchen, she burned the eggs, and he is soaked from the sprinklers. The couple is not newlyweds, but has been married for a couple of years; you can see tension growing every day. It is apparent the absence of children in the home. The husband yells as he grabs a towel and walks out saying he needs to go to the hardware store to get a part so he can repair the sprinkler. She yells at him and says she needs more eggs. He says if she wants eggs she will have to come along. They go off to the store; he goes to the hardware store as she goes to a grocery store. When they return they see a flash of light a baby appears in a nearby shopping cart and rolls down the sloped parking lot, barely missing passing cars, cars pulling in and out of parking spots, toward their car. As they back up the cart crashes into the car. The husband gets out yelling at the person responsible but there is just a baby.

3. End of Act One – (Pg 27-30) Baby Tyler, still an infant, but several months older, comes home with the couple. The couple lays the baby in a crib, in a now decorated nursery. After an undeterminable amount of time, the father goes in to check on the child. But the baby is missing; the parents immediately call the authorities. The mother stands at the sink and drinks a cup of tea, the officer leaves. The father rubs his wife’s shoulders, kisses her cheek in consolation. They hear a noise and a pirate walks out, holding the baby and bottle feeding it. The mother in shock begins to yell. The pirate shushes her, and says pardon madam, but it be feeding time.

Act Two

Rising Conflict

4. Beginning of Act Two – Our hero makes a plan
(Pg 30) Tyler now seven years old, has become very accustomed to traveling through time and bringing home the people he encounters. After traveling through time and meeting (insert famous orphan) His time traveling powers, become unstable. He is determined to find out who he is, how he can control his powers, where he is from, and who his parents really are.

5. Midpoint – (Pg 60) Tyler finds evidence that his surrogate father is actually his great great great grandson. Finds pieces of info about who are parents really are. His powers continue to act weird.

6. End of Act Two – A crisis; the hero’s plan fails; all hope is lost
(Pg 85-90) He gets stuck in the dark ages, with the villain. The person who was on the other side of the door, on the night of Tyler’s birth. The villain captures and detains Tyler.

Act Three

Climax and Resolution

7. Beginning of Act Three – (Pg 90) Tyler unknowingly meets his father in captivity. His father helps him control his powers and escape from the clutches of the villain. Tyler suspects and hopes it is his father, and tells the older prisoner he will come back for him.

8. End of Act Three – (Pg 105-120) Tyler defeats the villain, by using his brain and moving through time, using control and strategy. He accepts he may never know who his parents are, and decides that the people who raised him are the people who matter.

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