My Next Mission

Beginning this quarter I will start on my first feature length script. Most film students would be excited out of their freaking minds, however I am unnaturally nervous. My Professor, the fearless leader of my class, has completed many screenplays. The class consists of a variety of writers; ranging from budding screenplay masterpiece authors to Me. I love writing, but at times I feel as though i lack the needed raw talent. Writing for me has always been a way to release the internal struggle and bubbling up of emotions. Last quarter i learned a valuable lesson, that i cannot write in someone else’s voice. I must write something original, a story buried within the secret chambers of my soul. Now I have a once in a lifetime opportunity to create a screenplay of something i want to write. The story that has been building for a little over 19 years within myself. I have been looking forward to uncovering this small extension of myself, but the only material i brought to class was not the personal sacrafice narrative I expected.

My Log Line was, “A newly married couple is brought together when a baby lands in their laps, this child has special needs; he can travel through time, and often brings people home that he encounters.”
This is no where near the story i expected to write, and I am still not sure if it is the story I would like to write. Here is my thought process, “If i am not in love with the story i am telling, then how will my passion come through the words? However, maybe i should try writing something that i am not excited about , but is accepted by an audience?”
One more thought: If i do not write my personal sacrafice story now, when will it see the light of day?
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